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EZLinks Golf Books 75 Millionth Tee Time

EZLinks Books More than 75 Million Rounds of Golf

December 28, 2018

75 million rounds… that’s a lot of high fads, power draws, worm burners and maybe a holeout or two. Take a look at what 75 million really looks like.

 Infographic ResCenter Hole Blog
1 billion holes played (if they’re all 18-hole rounds). Let’s hope it wasn’t cart path only.
 Infographic ResCenter Agent Blog
It would take 1 reservation center agent 106+ years to book 75 million rounds*.
 Infographic ResCenter Golfer Blog
A single foursome would take 8,555 years to play all those rounds.
Infographic ResCenter HotDog Blog
If each player in a foursome ate a single hot dog at 2 oz in each round, it would be 2 million+ pounds of… whatever mixture makes up a hot dog.
 Infographic ResCenter GolfBag Blog
If each player in a foursome walked a 5-mile round, the total amount traveled would be over 93 million miles…


No matter how you put it, 75 million rounds is a LOT of golf. Congrats to our agents for helping us to achieve this incredible goal!



*Each call lasting approximately 3 minutes and each call resulted in 4 rounds being booked.