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Why The Masters Differs from the Rest

April 5, 2018
The Masters. A rich tradition and one of golf's four majors, but here's what you didn't know..
  1. Tickets are surprisingly affordable. Compared to other sporting events, tickets to The Masters are an incredible value - a four-day pass is only $250. The catch? You have to win them in a lottery in order to buy them.
  2. Food prices are cheap. We’re talking $1.50 (yes, you read that correctly) for a pimento cheese sandwich and $3.00 for a domestic beer.
  3. Cell phones are banned. That’s right, you must use a pay phone to make a call. Talk about a throwback.
  4. Getting an autograph is hard. Augusta only permits autograph seekers on the Washington Road side of the clubhouse, near the practice facilities. Any other place and you can forget about it.
  5. Fans are called “Patrons”. For anyone who has watched The Masters knows that officials are sticklers that people use the correct word. In fact, announcers have famously been removed from the broadcast for using the wrong term.