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What To Do With That Email Address You Just Collected

November 14, 2017
An email address is a lot like a new driver, you need to use it in order to get the most from it.
Collecting an email address is just the start to your email marketing efforts, now you need to think about what messages to send to what golfers and when.

Golfers receive hundreds of emails every day – make your emails ones they look for. Make them relevant, timely and compelling.

  • First Time Golfers – Before (or after) their first round, introduce yourself personally, share something you love about the course and let them know about leagues, lessons or tournaments.
  • In Sight, In Mind – If you haven’t seen a golfer for a while, encourage them to come back with a free post-round drink or a small discount on their next round. 
  • Friendly Reminders – Remind golfers who haven’t signed up for your rewards program or become a member of the benefits they’re missing out on. Include a quote from someone who is participating in one of those programs.
  • Segmenting = Success – Segment golfers based on information they’ve provided (gender, zip code, birthday, USGA handicap), or better yet, use their playing history to “bucket” them.
  • Balance is Key – Find the right balance of staying in touch without becoming a nuisance by watching your email open rates. Don’t be afraid to be creative and try new things!

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